Girl, Where You Been?; A Quick Apology

Things I intended to do over the last four and a half weeks: Review Gideon The Ninth, See No Stranger, Pussy Prayers and a bevy of self-published children’s books featuring little Black and Brown children being great. Do a big long overthink discussing the recent surge of creativity in African science fiction, Africanfuturism and Afrodystopia,Continue reading “Girl, Where You Been?; A Quick Apology”

A Thought On Injustice and Lost Voices…

(This post is an edited Facebook post. Follow EQR on FB blah blah etc.) If you haven’t gathered from the About Me page or some of my posts, I’m a Black American, living abroad. This blog is about books, not me, so I don’t talk about my own experiences often. My day job and lifeContinue reading “A Thought On Injustice and Lost Voices…”