[HEAR ME OUT] Girl, Where You Been?; A Quick Apology

Things I intended to do over the last four and a half weeks:

  • Review Gideon The Ninth, See No Stranger, Pussy Prayers and a bevy of self-published children’s books featuring little Black and Brown children being great.
  • Do a big long overthink discussing the recent surge of creativity in African science fiction, Africanfuturism and Afrodystopia, what it means for Black folks in speculative fiction(as though I know), and how it connects to similar movements in indigenous fiction but contrasts with almost everything in similar genres coming out of Southeast Asia.
  • Keep bringing you the best in weekly diverse book news in handy-dandy wrap up format
  • Up the number of posts per week from around 3 to 4 or 5.

Things I did not intend to do over the last four and a half weeks:

  • Post absolutely nothing on this blog.

Things that happened over the last four and a half weeks to reverse my intention polarities:

  • Bills. Real bills.
  • Also job. Real job. Sabbatical is over. *cries*
  • Lastly, sick. Real sick. Not the ‘Rona, so nobody panic. But it’s hard to write reviews when you barely feel good enough to read. It’s a long, uninteresting story but suffice it to say, I had to narrow my focus and do a little less for a bit due to lack of energy. I’m better now, though. No worries.

So basically, sorry, y’all. I didn’t mean to disappear, Regular posting will resume tomorrow. Also, if you’re not already, follow me on Facebook, where I post constantly no matter what’s going on because the “share” button is a thing and procrastination scrolling is a more infectious virus than the one with many names currently stalking the world.


(Thanks for the read, beautiful people–even though this blog wasn’t saying much of anything. This blog has affiliate relationships with sites such as Bookshop and any clicks and purchases made will result in a commission being earned. By the way, I really appreciate those of you who have clicked and purchased–thank you. 🙂 )

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