Last Week In Books: The Plague and the Struggle Continue

In the wake of the Seuss Fuss (thanks for that, Sofia!), publishers are taking a closer look at racial diversity in children’s books. About time. [via ABC News] Practically, this means that diverse children’s book lists are taking over the internet now. I personally liked this list of baby board books about science in EnglishContinue reading “Last Week In Books: The Plague and the Struggle Continue”

[REVIEW] The Testaments, Margaret Atwood

(Buy it HERE.) I think I may have been predisposed to dislike this, simply because it comes on the heels of the popularity of the television adaptation of its predecessor, The Handmaid’s Tale. I enjoyed the book, but I find the later seasons of the show deeply irritating–they may as well re-title it “American HorrorContinue reading “[REVIEW] The Testaments, Margaret Atwood”