Last Week In Books: The Plague and the Struggle Continue

In the wake of the Seuss Fuss (thanks for that, Sofia!), publishers are taking a closer look at racial diversity in children’s books. About time. [via ABC News] Practically, this means that diverse children’s book lists are taking over the internet now. I personally liked this list of baby board books about science in EnglishContinue reading “Last Week In Books: The Plague and the Struggle Continue”

[REVIEW] Interior Chinatown, Charles Yu

(Buy it HERE.) “The question is: Who gets to be an American? What does an American look like?“~Willis Wu, Interior Chinatown⠀🥋⠀Imagine if Spike Lee was Taiwanese-American and wrote novels in strange, semi-screenplay format. That’s the best way I can think of to describe this book and the way it shifts through unreliable realities while alternatingContinue reading “[REVIEW] Interior Chinatown, Charles Yu”