FAQ: Why I Link to Bookshop Instead of Amazon

One of the questions I’m often asked in my Facebook page inbox is “why do you always share Bookshop links, and not Amazon?” I figure now is as good a time as any to answer that question. Let me start by saying I’m not on the self-righteous cancel train at ALL when it comes toContinue reading “FAQ: Why I Link to Bookshop Instead of Amazon”

Last Week in Books, June 9th – June 16th

Time? What is time? What did I really mean when I said I would do a news post every week? The world may never know… A biopic about Shirley Jackson, author of The Lottery (aka that creepy short story in everyone’s English textbook) was released last week,with Scientologist Handmaid Elisabeth Moss playing the writer. It’sContinue reading “Last Week in Books, June 9th – June 16th”