Last Week in Books: Five Fingers of Diverse Book News

This one’s gonna be a quickie, fellow readers. I have hair to wash, wine to drink, and a ridiculously early alarm set for tomorrow(Sunday) morning due to this silly impulse I have to socialize with, y’know, people. (Ew.)

I’ma hit you with 5 really quick bookish links and then I’m going to run back off the internet for the evening.

  • Kazuo Ishiguro’s new book Klara and the Sun is getting remarkably rave reviews. I haven’t read anything of his since Never Let Me Go wrecked my peace of mind for a season, but this new book seems to have a more hopeful bent and I’m looking forward to it. [via Wall Street Journal]
  • The webcomic Qahera, about a furious feminist Islamophobe-fighting anti-racist hijabi superheroine, is worth a look, as is Egyptian artist Deena Mohamed’s printed graphic novel trilogy Shubeik Lubeik when it comes out in English later this year. (Unless you read Arabic, in which case you can go grab it now.) [via The Lily]
  • Octavia Butler’s first book, the slavery time travel masterpiece Kindred, has had a pilot episode for a television adaptation ordered by FX. I feel faint, yet joyous. [via Deadline]
  • Once upon a time, I went to theology school and the scholar NT Wright was basically a modern day Apostle Paul to many of my classmates. I think that’s the only reason I find this review of NT Wright’s pandemic theology reflection, God and The Pandemic, interesting. That, and it’s by fellow book blogger Bob on Books. Also, it’s the first thing I’ve seen written by any person of faith that has admonished people to care for others in a pandemic as an act of faith. This whole experience has seemed like a bit of a self-determined free for all, when you get down to it and I’m a bit surprised by how communities of faith have not responded, mostly. Correct me if I’m wrong. [via Bob on Books]
  • So the last link today is also a bit of a correction. Last week I posted about the boycott on Amazon, presumably in support of warehouse workers. However, it turns out that the workers themselves aren’t behind this boycott and participating in it might hurt more than it helps. Read about it and decide for yourselves. [via Slate]

Welp, that’s it for this week, fellow readers. This wine isn’t going to drink itself. (I wish this hair would wash itself, though.) Remember that this blog has affiliate relationships and if you click and purchase anything through a link you find here, a commission might be earned by yours truly. Peace!

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