Last Week In Books: Say “Dr. Seuss” ONE MORE TIME. I Dare You!

Guess what I’m tired of talking about, but seems to have taken over the internet anyway? This week I could easily have written a book called “Oh, The Annoyance You’ll Feel!” but there are still some important things being done in these conversations so I can’t be outright mad at it. Anyway…


*sigh* If any of you know any of those people, do us all a favor and send them the link to this site, please? Also, comic books are books. Fight me.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, or so they say. This March comes in with all kinds of diverse book news, so as usual, here’s your recap:

  • My literary friends at Spill Stories are finally publishing their long awaited follow up to Black In Asia. This time they’re giving us an anthology of stories, appropriately titled Sex and Power, all about sexuality and power from the primary perspectives of women of color. I’ve already gotten my copy, what are y’all waiting for? [via SpillStories]
  • My involvement in a previous Spill anthology and my own forays into self-publishing are just two of the half-dozen reasons why I refuse to condemn Amazon outright. However, I have been concerned about the way the corporation treats workers for some time and I will be supporting the boycott this week in solidarity with Amazon warehouse workers who are working to unionize. No online order and no Prime streaming for one week, to support fairer working conditions. Are you in? [via UComm Blog]
  • Speaking of politics…can we all just shut up about Dr. Seuss? Please? Has anybody even read McElligott’s Pool? I promise ain’t nobody cancelling The Cat In The Hat. Let it gooooo. [via Washington Post]

[via Dr. Seuss Enterprises]

Moving on…

  • Biden inaugaral poet Amanda Gorman was profiled and followed to her home by a security guard for being while Black. I want to say I’m surprised, but–is anyone, really? Gorman is a woman of impeccable presence and does not deserve such suspicion–but then, none of us do, right? Let’s all just hope this drives sales of her upcoming poetry book even higher. [via The Grio]
  • I am admittedly quite bad at sharing Latinx literary news, so much so that I still use the term “Latinx” even after a Panamanian cousin got in touch to scoldingly inform me that no Spanish-speaking Latino on earth actually uses that term so I should knock it off. It’s a blind spot, I admit, but writers like Crystal Maldonado are making it very easy for me to unlearn with charming books like Fat Chance, Charlie Vega. [via People en Español]
  • Last link for today and perhaps my favorite: The American Archive of Public Broadcasting has uploaded a treasure trove of Black American historical material, including lots of interviews and conversations with literary greats like James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, and the TV program Black Journal, which highlighted Black journalists during the 1970s. Check it out here. [via HyperAllergic]

Peace, beautiful people. Enjoy the beginnings of spring and be sure to read something good under a tree surrounded by flowers, if you can.

(As always, this is where I remind you that to keep this blog minty fresh, Equal Opportunity Reader has affiliate relationships with sites like Bookshop and any clicks/purchases may result in a commission being paid. )

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