Last Week In Books, August 10th – August 17th: A Literary Ladies Night

This one’s a quickie, fellow readers. Most of the news this week involves literary women doing big things, and they can all speak for themselves. So click, click, click away!

  • British writers are pleading with OfQual to keep poetry in the GCSEs.[The Guardian]
  • The dirty rap song W.A.P. by Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B was released and OMG everybody shut up about it already. I made a booklist to divert all of our attention. [Equal Opportunity Reader]
  • Speaking of W.A.P., Luster by Raven Leilani seems to be this year’s hottest release. [Elle]
  • Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie suffered a fall and a concussion at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and she is not okay. [The Washington Post.]
  • Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s ghost story Mexican Gothic has been picked up for series development by Hulu. [Tor]
  • The new book Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson, examines race and class in America in a way that no-one has really examined before, IMO. [Washington Post]
  • Bailey’s–as in the company that makes creamy liqueurs–has funded a project for The Women’s Prize For Fiction that republishes classic woman writers forced to publish under male names under their real names. It’s called the Reclaim Her Name Project. All of the books in the series so far are available for free online on their website, so grab them while you can. [Baileys]

Thanks for reading as always, beautiful people. Peace!

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