[REVIEW] The A.I. Who Loved Me, Alyssa Cole

A Kindle e-reader sitting in front of an iced coffee and a donut on a wooden table. The book displayed on the reader is The A.I. Who Loved Me. There is a Black woman, an Asian man, a house cat and a basket of laundry on the cover.

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I have to admit–I wasn’t sure what to think about this romance novella at first. The premise seemed like it could easily go very wrong. Trinity, a Black data analyst is home on admistrative leave recovering from PTSD from a mysterious work accident when she falls for Li Wei, a Chinese…robot? Correction–he’s a biosynthetic human, a very sophisticated A.I. posing as the nephew of Trinity’s senior scientist neighbor for reasons known only to himself. โ €
๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿพโ€๐Ÿ”ฌโ €
There’s nothing really special about the romance aspect of this novel (the leads don’t have much personality), but the sci-fi world building is top-notch and really grabbed my interest. Trinity and Wei live in a technocratic America set roughly 5 minutes in the future from now. A.I. therapists, smart cars, synthetic food production and social credit systems are all a regular part of life in this novel, and it’s fascinatingly done. Cole clearly did her research. I kind of wish this was a longer work and not a romance–I’d love to see a fuller work in a more sci-fi vein about this world.โ €
๐Ÿ”ฌโ €
Other than that, there isn’t much else to say about this book. The characters do a lot, but ultimately they’re just cut and paste vehicles for the audiences to project themselves and their desires on to. That’s par for the course for a cute fun beach read and when all is said and done, this is very cute and very light. The story just isn’t very memorable. I didn’t hate it–I’d read another book with this setting. But it wasn’t amazing either, and I wish the author had done more with it. โ €
๐Ÿ“กโ €
3 stars and an injection of futuristic nano-personality juice to The A.I. Who Loved Me.

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