Last Week In Books: Ramona Forever!

It’s been a busy week, fellow readers, and I hope you’re well. There’s a lot of interesting things happening in the world of diverse books, as usual–read on for updates… The biggest piece of book news this week is pretty sad, fellow readers. Children’s author Beverly Cleary, who gave the world the gift of pluckyContinue reading “Last Week In Books: Ramona Forever!”

[REVIEW] Pride, Ibi Zoboi

(Buy it HERE.) Can I be honest with y’all? It took me a long time to understand what the big deal about Pride and Prejudice was. High school classes, grudging re-reads, and wet Colin Firth on PBS were not enough to make me care about 5 sisters in 1813 England. It wasn’t until I wasContinue reading “[REVIEW] Pride, Ibi Zoboi”