Last Week In Books, July 27th – August 2nd: Wait, what? August? Already? How?

Whew,fellow readers. The more I blog the more I realize just how much is going on in the world of publishing and good books. The world of reading is busy, and while sometimes I have to dive a little deep to find info about diverse books, it’s out there for the finding. If you don’tContinue reading “Last Week In Books, July 27th – August 2nd: Wait, what? August? Already? How?”

If You’re Brown, Stick Around: Books About Colorism

If you’re Black, get back! If you’re brown, stick around. If you’re white, you’re alright! ~ Big Bill Broonzy Even though I make a conscious effort to read across genres, cultures, and time periods I still sometimes find myself stuck in thematic patterns. For months I’ll find myself somehow reading books that feature sharks orContinue reading “If You’re Brown, Stick Around: Books About Colorism”

Fairest, Meredith Talusan

(Buy it HERE.) Although I did my official Pride Month wrap-up a few days ago, I didn’t mention one of the LGBTQIA+ themed books I read, simply because I’ve had such a hard time deciding what to say about it. Is there a word for a book that everyone else seems to like, but youContinue reading “Fairest, Meredith Talusan”