[Review] M.C. Higgins, The Great, by Virginia Hamilton

(Buy it HERE.) I read this book because I felt like I was missing out on something. I’d heard nothing but glowing reviews of this from folks who read it in school and loved it. That, plus its inclusion on a lot of #blackboyjoylit lists made me expect this to be a very different middle grade coming-of-ageContinue reading “[Review] M.C. Higgins, The Great, by Virginia Hamilton”

[Review] Signs of Attraction, by Laura Brown

(Find it HERE.) There’s a lot of things I expect from romance novels, and intersectionality is not one of them. However, that’s exactly what this book offers and it’s an interesting surprise. Main girl Carli is a Hard Of Hearing undergrad from a troubled background. Main guy Reed, a handsome grad student, is not onlyContinue reading “[Review] Signs of Attraction, by Laura Brown”

Last Week In Books: Ramona Forever!

It’s been a busy week, fellow readers, and I hope you’re well. There’s a lot of interesting things happening in the world of diverse books, as usual–read on for updates… The biggest piece of book news this week is pretty sad, fellow readers. Children’s author Beverly Cleary, who gave the world the gift of pluckyContinue reading “Last Week In Books: Ramona Forever!”

[REVIEW] In The Dream House, Carmen Maria Machado

(Buy it HERE.) “The memoir is, at its core, an act of resurrection. Memoirists re-create the past, reconstruct dialogue. They summon meaning from events that have long been dormant.” A long time ago, for what seems like a very long time, Carmen Maria Machado was abused by her girlfriend. While the abuse was emotional ratherContinue reading “[REVIEW] In The Dream House, Carmen Maria Machado”

[REVIEW] Can’t We All Disagree More Constructively? by Jonathan Haidt

[Buy the full book HERE.] Okay, so first of all, no. No, we cannot. I have to admit I feel some type of way about these conciliatory centrist hot takes from white academics (and other public figures) who have relatively low personal stakes in the present US situation. This kind of jolly elitist water coolerContinue reading “[REVIEW] Can’t We All Disagree More Constructively? by Jonathan Haidt”

Last Week In Books: The Plague and the Struggle Continue

In the wake of the Seuss Fuss (thanks for that, Sofia!), publishers are taking a closer look at racial diversity in children’s books. About time. [via ABC News] Practically, this means that diverse children’s book lists are taking over the internet now. I personally liked this list of baby board books about science in EnglishContinue reading “Last Week In Books: The Plague and the Struggle Continue”

[REVIEW] Moon of the Crusted Snow, by Waubgeshig Rice

(Find it HERE.) Evan Whitesky is a loving father, doting husband, and pretty good moose hunter who lives on an Anishinaabe reserve in Northern Canada. As he preps for the upcoming winter, a massive power outage cuts the reserve entirely off from the outside world. While Evan and his family are somewhat secure, partially becauseContinue reading “[REVIEW] Moon of the Crusted Snow, by Waubgeshig Rice”

Last Week in Books: Five Fingers of Diverse Book News

This one’s gonna be a quickie, fellow readers. I have hair to wash, wine to drink, and a ridiculously early alarm set for tomorrow(Sunday) morning due to this silly impulse I have to socialize with, y’know, people. (Ew.) I’ma hit you with 5 really quick bookish links and then I’m going to run back offContinue reading “Last Week in Books: Five Fingers of Diverse Book News”

[REVIEW] The Powder Mage Trilogy, Brian McClellan

(Find it HERE.) I think all serious readers have their comfort reading habits, right? When I need words but my powers of concentration are low, I read poetry. When I feel the need to wrap up in creativity like a blanket, I find a long fantasy or sci-fi series and immerse myself in another worldContinue reading “[REVIEW] The Powder Mage Trilogy, Brian McClellan”

Last Week In Books: Say “Dr. Seuss” ONE MORE TIME. I Dare You!

Guess what I’m tired of talking about, but seems to have taken over the internet anyway? This week I could easily have written a book called “Oh, The Annoyance You’ll Feel!” but there are still some important things being done in these conversations so I can’t be outright mad at it. Anyway… *sigh* If anyContinue reading “Last Week In Books: Say “Dr. Seuss” ONE MORE TIME. I Dare You!”