Last Week In Books: Oh, Bother?

Winnie the Pooh stares moodily through the blinds

Two months into the year and the drama in the book world is legion, beautiful people. I’m working on a mega-roundup of it all for next week’s LWIB, but this week, let’s focus on a few of the nicer things to read and one very weird Winnie the Pooh reboot.

  • I’m on BookTok. I don’t see why so many people have such a hate-on for it. Neither does LitHub. [LitHub]
  • I’ve written before of how Zane’s Addicted was a revolutionary force in the development of many a 90s Black girl’s developing sexuality. The real life Zane looks like a librarian(no shade), has a famous pastor father, and can be found podcasting these days.[The Root]
  • The balance between writing while Black for other Black people and writing while Black under the scrutiny of people who want to tell you how to be Black is very treacherous, I find. Laura Warrell, the author of Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm unpacks this well.[LitHub]
  • I’m late but WTF is this new Winnie the Pooh movie, y’all? Or should I say, oh bother? [New York Times]
  • There’s some very good titles in this booklist of works by Afro-Latinas, so please check it out. [Electric Literature]
  • And let’s round things out with another booklist because why not? I love generational epics of all sorts, and this list features family stories from Asian writers. I love that the titles on this list step away from a solely East Asian focus and include authors from the Philippines, Vietnam and India as well. [Book Riot]

And that’s this week’s round up, fellow readers. As always, I appreciate your visit. If you want to further support this blog, check out the Equal Opportunity Bookshop and the carefully curated lists of diverse books available there. If you buy anything there from a link you find here, we earn a commission and then we go buy more books so…what are you waiting for?

Go read something good, beautiful people. Peace!


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