[READING CHALLENGE] Holiday Chill Time

(There’s no booklist this time, but if you want to check out the Bookshop click here!)

I don’t know about you, fellow readers, but this year has been a BEAST.

I’ll probably do a retrospective of everything later but you know what I, and probably a lot of you, need right now?


When December rolls around, I often find that my brain needs a break. So I read for comfort. In my case, that means reading lots of schmoopy romance novels and maybe getting through the last chapters of all the not-quite-finished books that have been laying around since May. Of course, I’ll be doing my annual re-read of A Christmas Carol, too.

For you, that might mean reading thrillers, a by-the-numbers murder mystery, or a really dishy celebrity memoir. (Do people still say “dishy”? Did I, ever?) Whatever you read for comfort–read some of that this month. And if you have any time in between holiday this and holiday that, finish up that book you almost got through back in June until you were distracted by something else.

What’s your comfort genre, fellow readers? What do you think you’ll read this month?

(Obligatory information: if you buy anything from a Bookshop link on this site, a commission will be paid. Thanks! )


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