[REVIEW]The Dark Side of Seoul: Weird Tales From Korean Lore, by Shawn Morrissey, illustrated by Tim Bauer

(To buy this book, go to the publisher’s website here)

I never had the chance to go on a Dark Side of Seoul tour when I lived in Korea, but they had a wide reputation as a scary fun time for English-speaking horror lovers. (In fact, I’m pretty sure one of the readers of this blog leads tours with them from time to time.) The company explores scary sites in the city with a special focus on ghosts and creatures from Korean folklore.

This graphic novel promises a book version of the same and is even bookended with tour guide narration vignettes. In classic horror pulp art style we’re ushered into ancient Korea, where an elderly hermit turns out to be to a fearsome ghost summoner. We then move to a tale that has echoes across cultures; one of a wise sister outsmarting an evil wizard. The stories are creepy, haunting, and well told. They also don’t skimp on the gore, which is not for everyone, so beware.

But… that’s it. There are only two full stories in this book and I was left wanting a lot more. I’m aware it was a passion project, funded by Kickstarter, with hopes of turning it into a full series eventually. It seems like the project has stalled, which is a shame because what’s here is quite good.

Four stars to what’s here, but I wish we had a few more Weird Tales From Korean Lore.

(This is a short one, fellow readers, but there’s really not much to talk about here. Check it out if you dare, and if not, please give this month’s diverse horror booklist a gander HERE. Don’t forget, this blog has an affiliate relationship with Bookshop and if you buy anything from a link you click here, we earn a commission. Peace!)


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