[READING CHALLENGE] February Reading Challenge: Black Love

(Check out the booklist here.)

Is it February already?

Last month I challenged all you beautiful people to read a memoir by someone really different than you.(Hit the comments with what you read!) This time I’d like to challenge you to read one of my favorite literary things because this month is too perfect not to.

I’m a big fan of reading #BlackLove and #BlackJoy and what better time to do it than February? After all, it’s #BlackHistoryMonth AND #ValentinesDay! So this month, my challenge to you is to read a book that features Black people in love. Any Black people, any kind of love, any kind of book. Just find some Black people loving somebody and join the challenge!

I’ll probably catch up on romance novels–I’ve been meaning to read the Brown sisters series for ages and now might be the time. But I realize that romance isn’t everybody’s genre so this challenge is open to any book, as long as there are Black folks in love in it. I might also finally crack open the copy of The Prophets I got ages ago, because while it’s not a romance, it’s definitely got a love story in its center. There are a lot of books that fit the bill for this month’s challenge–what do you think you’ll read?

If you’re not sure what to read for this month’s challenge, I’ve made a booklist over in the Equal Opportunity Bookshop. We do have an affiliate relationship with Bookshop, so if you make a purchase after clicking any links on this website, we’ll earn a commission. (Which, just so you know, immediately goes towards buying more books. It’s the circle of bookworm life.)

Comment here or on Instagram with what you plan to read this month. Peace !

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