Last Week In Books: Black Superheroes, Pandemic Flash Fiction, and Asian Family Drama

After the last update involving phone carnage(which has since been solved…grudgingly) this week’s quickie diverse book info roundup is a more mixed bag than usual, fellow readers.

  • Let’s start with this great list of diverse comics from Cultured Vultures. It includes all sorts of genres and points of representation, from the Count of Monte Cristo in space to bureacracy in the Indian afterlife to Korean androids as adoption metaphors. It’s a great list and you should definitely check it out. [Cultured Vultures]
  • This is actually old news now, but DC Comics is reviving their Milestone imprint, which is where we got classic Black comic characters like Static. The revival includes a development program for Black comic artists and writers, a new anthology, and maybe a few movies in the works. [Bleeding Cool]
  • Asian diasporas are having a moment in literature and film right now, and rightfully so. The Margins has been running an Asian flash writing series for over a year now, and LitHub has thoughtfully provided us all with a retrospective conversation with five of the writers involved. [LitHub]
  • I stumbled across a copy of the short story collection Who’s Irish in a library many years ago and at the time, it was one of my favorite reads. I was delighted to find out last week that Gish Jen is still writing, and reading her own short stories aloud for The New Yorker. Not a spoiler: it involves fraught Chinese mother-daughter dynamics. [The New Yorker]
  • Speaking of fraught Asian family dynamics, Kim Thúy’s new novel Em is getting an huge amount of positive press and reviews. I admittedly haven’t read much by the Vietnamese-Canadian writer, but apparently this book manages to pack the story of a displaced, estranged Vietnamese family within the larger story of French colonization and the Vietnam War, leading into a refugee tale. It sounds incredible, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. [Asian Review of Books]

That’s it for this week, fellow readers. As always, find all these books and more in the Equal Opportunity Bookshop, but remember we have an affiliate relationship and if you buy anything from link on this page, a commission will be paid. Have a good week and read something good! Peace!

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