Last Week In Books: Reviews and Adaptations

A screenshot of a Tweet from @sophlarah that reads "Why does Netflix give us *nothing* in summer, but everything when we have academic commitments

Time again for our biweekly roundup of diverse book news, fellow readers. This week I’d like to highlight reviews of upcoming and recent releases by some of my fellow bloggers, and also get into a few of the apparently ENDLESS film and television adaptations of books being released this fall.

Let’s start with the reviews;

  • Bob on Books is one of my book blogging inspirations; his review on the re-release of William Pannell’s 1993 book The Coming Race Wars is thoughtful, as usual and made me interested in a book that initially turned me off with its title. [Bob On Books]
  • Meanwhile, over on Open Americas, another thoughtful review, this time of Mansoor Adayfi’s memoir Don’t Forget Us Here: Lost and Found In Guantanamo. Adayfi was a prisoner in Guantanamo, subjected to torture and interrogation, all due to a case of extremely mistaken identity–authorities insisted that Yemen-born Adayfi was an Egyptian general of some renown, even though Adayfi was nineteen years old at the time of his imprisonment. *whew* Not sure when I’ll have the stomach to read this, but the review does a very good job of providing the political and historical context for what is surely a gripping and infuriating read. [Open Americas]
  • Another personal inspiration of mine, Bibliophile on a Budget, has a great writeup of the fabulous-sounding essay collection Care Free Black Girls by Zeba Blay. The book is slowly inching to the top of my never-ending #tbr and Bibliophile’s review moves it up a notch. The book’s not out until October 19th, but it promises such a timely take on freedom and joy for Black women and girls in pop culture that I’ve already pre-ordered it. [Bibliophile On A Budget]

Now on to the adaptations…

  • Netflix thriller YOU is back for a third season. I’ve only read the first of the series of books by Caroline Kepnes that inspired the darkly hilarious series, but I’ve watched every episode(some multiple times). I admit it–I’m fascinated by the story of Joe Goldberg, whose bookishness covers a multitude of sins. [Netflix]
  • Teasers, trailers and thinkpieces abound for Amazon’s adaptation of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series, and it isn’t even being released until November 19th. I was lukewarm on the books (I didn’t even finish the series) but I’m pretty excited for the show, admittedly because of the diverse casting and multiculturally inspired design vision. [Amazon Prime]
  • Apparently the adaptation of The Three Body Problem is still happening, despite a murder scandal among the production team and the author’s nasty habit of cosigning genocide. Okay then. [Deadline]
  • The new Dune film has been out in Europe and Asia for over a month now but I moved back to the US and therefore have to wait until October 22nd to see it. Much appreciation to global fans who have told us it’s amazing without actually giving any spoilers. I’m already stockpiling my snacks for Friday night. [CNET]

That’s it for this week, beautiful people. Don’t forget to check out the Equal Opportunity Bookshop–all clicks and purchases result in a commission being earned, which keeps this blog going. Enjoy your week, and read something good! Peace!

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