Last Week In Books, Feb 7th – 14th: I’m Old and I Love You

Black woman with afro-puff seated in front of a bookshelf, wearing red skirt, purple peacoat and white tshirt that says "I Am My Own Normal" in black.

I turned 40 last weekend, hence the delay on this post. Also, it’s Valentine’s Day! Go read some romance and love somebody up today, whether romantically, amicably or nobly.

Before we get into it, the lovely image of myself above was shot by Grace Kim and edited by Uchenna. The shirt I’m wearing, which is something I truly believe and say often, is available at

This week’s list of bookish news items is short but sweet, like V-day chocolate.

  • This is hands-down the best list of diverse historical romances I’ve ever seen. Where else would you find Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and every diaspora, gender and sexuality possible in historical romance? Well done, Aussie book reviewers. [via ABC News Australia]
  • Librarians in Bristol have lost their collective minds and are busy harassing a woman who put a Little Free Library up in her neighborhood, denouncing it as “such a middle class thing to do”. Wait until they find out about private schools. [via Metro UK]
  • The last episode of the recent television adaptation of Stephen King’s epic work The Stand aired. I liked the series at first, but found it ultimately disappointing (they really biffed the landing when it came to portraying the bad guys). This article does a good job explaining why even King’s own attempt at writing a new ending was so lame. [via Gizmodo]
  • But speaking of King, the charitable foundation he fronts with his wife Tabitha King is funding a horror anthology penned by elementary students. Pretty cool way to leave a legacy. [via LitHub]
  • Last thing, and possibly the most exciting–Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie is publishing a new book. It’s an extended take on her essay Notes On Grief, and will be available this May. [via The Guardian]

Thanks for reading as always, beautiful people. There are affiliate links in this blog and if you purchase anything from there, a commission may be earned. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and peace!

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