[REVIEW] Jingle Balls, by Vanessa Waltz

(Find it HERE.)

I can’t believe I’m actually posting this…

I’m not even going to pretend I can keep a face straight enough to actually review this. Just know that it’s exactly what the cover and title promise. This is the kind of good and terrible fun read no one ever admits to in public but everyone kind of enjoys…unintentionally hilarious and a great tonic for holiday stress. A few things though…ā €
ā €
Note 1: This has a high steam level. šŸ† starts flying around from the first page. Be warned. Two college co-eds home for the holidays on the rebound keep walking in on each other in the buff, flirting outrageously, and somehow getting into situations that require nudity in the middle of a rural Connecticut winter. Nothing about this is realistic, everything about it is lady pr0n, and I have no shame whatsoever saying it was a nice escapist read for a Saturday afternoon. ā €
ā €
Note 2: Originally the picture was the tablet leaning up against my pathetic 16-inch-high Charlie Brown-esque excuse for a Christmas tree. The original first line of this post, no entendres intended, was “My poor pathetic Christmas bush really needs tending to, doesn’t it?” Fortunately I caught it just in time and changed it but…I need professional help.ā €
ā €
Note 3: This is occasionally free on Amazon Kindle, should you want to see if the college coeds in this book manage to jingle all the way before Christmas. Check the links. If it’s not free, this is one of those books that circumvents my Amazon Caveat because it’s by a self-published author from who built her audience on that site, something I have respect for and don’t mind promoting.
ā €
I’m going to go do some good deeds to erase some of the lumps of coal I’m sure this blog has earned me now…

(Fellow readers, admit it. You’re curious. If I’m not just projecting, find the book here and a ho, ho, ho to you. This is an affiliate link and if you purchase I earn a commission, but frankly I recommend this as a Kindle Unlimited freebie or to use up the last edges of a gift card. Peace!)


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