[REVIEW] Pumpkinheads, by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks

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Deja and Josiah are college-bound high school seniors working their last shift ever at a seasonal pumpkin patch job somewhere in Nebraska. From September 1st to Halloween every year the two are best friends, but the good times are coming to a bittersweet end. They decide to turn their last shift into a snack-filled quest to get Josiah to finally talk to the mysterious fudge shop girl he’s been crushing on for three years–but of course, things don’t go exactly as planned. β €
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This YA graphic novel is just…so sweet. Everything about it is light and adorable and gentle and wholesome–and I loved it! Most YA reminds me of all the things I hated about being a teenager. Pumpkinheads reminds me of all the things I loved –the purity of friendships, the constant sense of adventure right around the corner, and the lingering wonder of childhood mixing with the new adult privileges of roaming free with a little spending cash. Deja and Josiah are a perfectly matched set of buddies. They have fun, relatable personalities, and so do all their pumpkin patch coworkers (half of whom seem to be Deja’s exes). Even though all of the major story twists are telegraphed pretty early on, the people involved are so cute that you want to see your predictions play through anyway.β €
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The art is also adorable–a great cross-section of different body types, sizes, and races. I love that Deja is tall and plus sized with Afro puffs. I love that Josiah is gangly, awkward, and looks like he hasn’t quite grown into his bones yet. I love how much character and diversity is drawn into each body that appears on the page. There’s something really authentic about the way this is put together that makes it special in a lowkey, surprising way. β €
πŸŽƒβ €
I read this whole book over one lunch break and it refreshed my mood for the whole week. 5 stars and a handful of full-size Halloween candy bars to Pumpkinheads.

(If you have a sweet teenager in your life, fellow readers, get them this book. Use a link in this post–but be aware that this blog has affiliate relationships with Bookshop and other sites, and any purchases made from link on this site result in a commission being paid. Peace! )


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