[REVIEW] Battle Ground, Jim Butcher

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transcript of actual footage of me reading this book
sips wine
“Oh…this is a *fighting* book.”⠀
longer sip
“Wait…is that gonna…are they gonna…OH SHIT!!”⠀
gulps wine
“Is that (character we haven’t seen for several books)? That’s (character)! And they have big powers now? Go off, (character)! Get it! Hit the…OMG WHAT? Did that just happen?”⠀
downs wine, pours new glass

So here we are, 17 books deep into the best-selling urban fantasy series about Chicagoland wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden. An entire universe of magical characters has been set up at this point, and a new villain–the titan Ethniu, backed by the weird Lovecraftian Fomor– has come to tear it all apart, and the mortal world along with it. The previous book, Peace Talks, was a bit disappointing but it turns out it did a very good job of setting up this book, which is essentially one long scary battle for the fate of Chicago’s human population. Everyone and everything that Harry’s ever met in his magical adventures shows up to do their part to save the city–regardless of what side they’ve been on in the past.⠀

Butcher could write a scuffle between two third-graders in a playground and make it compelling, so once the battle get underway about 5 chapters in, the book is riveting. There’s something supremely satisfying about seeing the heavy-hitters of the supernatural world (and a few badass normals) really let loose fighting an evil that makes all their previous battles look like playground tussles. Despite Harry’s wisecracking facade, you suddenly realize he’s slowly leveled up to pal-ling around with demigods–and the time has come for a reckoning. With the increase in power comes an increase in stakes. This book is filled with surprise deaths and reveals, one of which surprised me so much I couldn’t even cry at how sad it was. Much like in the 12th book, Changes, you get the sense that everything in the Dresdenverse has irreversibly shifted and Harry will never be the same…but this time the entire world is changing with him. ⠀

Battle Ground is a sad, funny, entertaining and enormously enjoyable popcorn movie of a book. 5 stars and I’m looking forward to the next one already.

(This book is the most fun I’ve had reading in a while. If you want to give it a try, be aware that if you click and purchase it from a link here on this website a commission will be earned. I can’t do magic like Harry, but I worry just as much about bills. 😀 Peace!)


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