[REVIEW] The Black Traveler’s Guide To Incheon, by The Blerd Explorer

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The city of Incheon sits right in the shadow of Western Seoul, South Korea. It holds two international airports, several beaches, and one of the world’s more interesting Chinatowns, but most people skim past it and head straight to Seoul’s more popular attractions.
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That’s where this handy travel guide by The Blerd Explorer comes in. Full of photos, practical descriptions and personal anecdotes, it gives novice travelers a great foundation from which to plan their travels in Incheon and to Korea in general. The guide mentions everything from restaurants to hiking trails to anime exhibits and gives a pretty good idea of what it’s like to get around, socialize and sightsee in Incheon. There are quite a few notes on Korean culture and the way Korean locals treat Black people–those sections are quite general but mostly accurate, and you can tell the author put in an effort to be fair and culturally positive. The photos are lovely and there’s a helpful directory in the back giving addresses for many of the places named in the text.(Phone numbers or social media handles would be helpful too, though.)โ €
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I’ll be the first to admit–I don’t think I’m really the target demographic for this book. Although I am Black, I’ve been living abroad for nearly 14 years, 7 and and half of those in Korea. I’m a seasoned traveler who started globetrotting before social media and online travel guides were much of a thing, and I don’t have much of a complex about traveling while Black anymore, if I ever even did. However, I could see this guide being very helpful for new travelers and young Black Americans with a lot of fears and reservations about leaving the country for the first time. We all have to start somewhere, and I could see this book being a launchpad for the right person. This is a book for the very inexperienced, but that’s a good thing. โ €
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Many thanks to The Blerd Explorer for sending me a copy of this ebook to review. It’s currently available on Amazon and Apple Books. If Korea is on your post-Corona bucket list, give it a look.

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