Last Week In Books, July 20th – 27th: Follow Me On Social Media!

Last weekend I racked up my 1000th Instagram follower. For those of you who don’t know, this blog grew out of an Instagram account that became a Facebook page and then expanded to include a blog, all in the space of less than a year. I’m not sure exactly what I did to get this many people paying attention to my bookish thoughts but hey, I’m pretty stoked. Join the party, follow me.


Okay, now on to our weekly roundup of diverse book news(and there is quite a lot, this week)…

  • The Ta-Nehisi Coates best-seller Between The World and Me will be adapted for the screen by HBO. Previously, the book was made into a stage play. I’m not sure how well the content lends itself to performance but I’m still curious enough to give it an eventual watch. [via Black Girl Nerds]
  • Speaking of adaptations, the graphic novel Paper Girls, by Brian K. Vaughn and Cliff Chiang, is also headed to the screen courtesy of Amazon. I’ve only read a few issues so far but it strikes me very much as Stranger Things-meets-Ghost World-meets-Love And Rockets. In other words, it seems cool, retro/alt/punky, and very feminine. Looking forward to it. [via Tor]
  • There are some exciting book releases in the cards too. Four year old Nadim Shamma-Sourgen will be the UK’s youngest published poet upon the release of his yet-unnamed poetry collection. Jason Reynolds, the Mr. Congeniality of YA fiction and the best contemporary writer of Black boys, will also be exploring new territory and releasing his first book for adults, entitled The Mouthless God and Jesus Number Two. [via The Guardian, LitHub]
  • British author Mark Dawson was removed from the best-seller list after revealing he bought hundreds of copies of his own book on his own podcast. Boo hoo. [via The Independent]
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  • My eternal celebrity crush Keanu Reeves has announced that he’s writing his first comic book, an action adventure featuring some guy who looks a lot like Keanu and might be an immortal Charlemagne. You tellin’ on yourself, boo. [via Tor]
  • According to the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, diversity in children’s book publishing is on a very positive rise. However, “Despite slow progress, the number of books featuring BIPOC protagonists lags far behind the number of books with white main characters–or even those with animal or other characters.” *sigh* [via CCBlogC]
  • And the last item for this week’s wrap-up…Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington are going to be in another book-adapted movie together. (Last time was 1993’s The Pelican Brief, which was…of its time.) This time they’ll be in the Netflix film version of Rumaan Alam’s Leave The World Behind. The novel won’t be released until October, but it seems to be about two families–one black, one white–sequestered in a vacation house in Long Island during a sudden blackout and the resulting collapse of society. Should be interesting, at the least, considering how much hype it’s getting long before the book is even out. [via LitHub]

That’s it for this week’s news and links, beautiful people. As always, visit the Equal Opportunity Bookshop for your indie book hookups, and be aware that as an affiliate, any clicks and purchases earn a commission for this site. Peace, beautiful people! Go read something good!

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