Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo


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I have no idea what you’re doing messing around with me on the internet when you could be somewhere reading this Booker-prize winning masterpiece. Hurry up and log off so you can get into this ASAP. (Just hit like before you go, ok? 😜 )

Seriously, this is genius, real life made art and set out in deliciously prose-y poetry. Or is it poetic prose? Not sure, but it’s deeply descriptive, unconventional and an absolute joy to read.

Girl, Woman, Other is a journey through Blackness, Britishness, womanhood, queerness and all manner of other things told through the voices of twelve very different people. Most of them are black, most of them are women, many of them are LGBTQIA+ family. They may not all think of themselves with the definitions we might assign while looking at their pages, but they do think of themselves, others and the world they live in with joy, with pain, with resilience, with resentment, with hope, with defeat and most importantly, with nuance.

And you know what? I know these women. In this book I see echoes of conversations and interactions I’ve had with sistahfriends, acquaintances, elders and enemies. I see people who I am very familiar with and sometimes belong to, but rarely have their interiority immortalized on the page in such an accurate, loving and unprejudiced way.

READ THIS. The characters are loving, detailed sketches of people we all know but rarely see. The language is gorgeous and tightly wrapped around the story’s complexities. And the story? Well, all of these people are connected, and realizing how is absolutely delightful (and also quite emotional, in a few cases).

I could go on and on about this book–it’s not only a favorite 2020 read but a favorite lifetime one, I think, and it deserved to win the Booker Prize all on its own instead of being overshadowed by Margaret Atwood’s tepid Testaments–but instead I’ll just tell you again to read it. I won’t even leave you with a quote–you deserve to experience all of these wonderful words fresh and new just like I did. Go. Read. Enjoy.😍

If you want to purchase a copy of this book, consider clicking HERE and purchasing it from, an online bookseller that supports indie booksellers, writers, and content creators. I’m an affiliate of Bookshop and will earn a commission if you click and purchase through any of the links on this blog.

Now go read this book. I mean it. You’ll love it!

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